What Is VRow?

Revolution in Silence

Millions of individuals globally exercise with indoor rowing machines, and the market for this equipment is experiencing a consistent upward trajectory.

However. All current products are boring and offer no unique experience for the end user. We aim to change that forever.

Our intention is to introduce these users to the PulseChain ecosystem through an innovative product that offers unprecedented benefits, marking a novel advancement within the ecosystem.

Indoor Rowing is Boring. We're about to change that.

About VRow Token & Integration into Smart Contract

No ICO, No Sacrifice

The VRow token will serve as the platform's proprietary currency, set to be allocated to participants following the platform's launch. Users can accrue VRow tokens by finishing workouts, authenticated via a heart rate monitor and a progress tracking mechanism integrated into the device, a concept we term "Proof of Workout." These tokens can be utilized for various purposes, including upgrading or acquiring new virtual reality items, unlocking new environments, or staking within the system to produce yield. This yield will then be proportionally disbursed among the stakers in the pool.

Staking Yield

Our development focuses on a system that extends beyond merely catering to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. With a global potential customer base in the tens of millions, our model allows for the purchase of our equipment and platform subscriptions, thereby generating fiat currency earnings for the platform. Our strategy includes allocating up to 80% of these revenues towards the acquisition of pHEX from the market, which will be staked it three pools. (90, 365, and 1826 days) Upon the completion of each staking period, rewards in HEX will be distributed to VRow token stakers.

Fair Warning

Have No Expectations. VRow token contract serves as a foundational placeholder, and at this stage, it should be considered a MEME coin. The team owns 100% of token supply, as there has been neither an ICO nor a Sacrifice phase. We are financing the R&D with our own capital. However, should our allocated resources run low, we may opt to sell a maximum of 10% of the tokens to ensure the project crosses the finish line and the product is delivered. Software takes time, yet the development of innovative hardware that synchronizes with a smart contract even more challenging. We'll launch when ready.

VRow Contract Address


VRow on PulseX

We have established a VRow/PLS pairing on the PulseX v2 decentralized exchange to accommodate individuals interested in speculating on the project's future success or in acquiring tokens for long-term holding. We intend to incrementally contribute more liquidity to this pairing. It's important to mention that we do not advocate for trading due to the various risks associated. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that certain members of our community may wish to engage with the project during its initial phase, accepting the associated risks. Always check your local laws and make sure you're not legally restricted from interacting with decentralized exchanges and exchanging cryptocurrency.

R&D Stage


From the initial concept to the MVP. We are developing an innovative solution to integrate our hardware with virtually any indoor rowing machine. This strategy will substantially reduce the upfront expense for the end-user and decrease our costs related to shipping and maintaining the equipment. We're partnering with industry leading electronics manufacturer to bring this idea to life.


Merging real-life 360-degree footage with virtual reality technology will create an unprecedented rowing experience. This innovation aims to generate enthusiasm and a compelling desire to access additional rowing routes, enhance virtual equipment with new "skins", and establish tournaments and player-versus-player competitions. Immersive experience never seeing before.

Smart Contract

Integrations with smart contracts enable tracking of VRow tokens, distribution of staking rewards, voting functionalities, and more. The VRow platform is developed solely on PulseChain, reflecting our confidence in the long-term success of this blockchain. Our aim is to introduce value from beyond the cryptocurrency domain into PulseChain and support the most robust crypto crowd.

Project Overview

•To transform indoor rowing exercises from monotonous to engaging through an immersive VR experience.

Key Features
• Smart Handle Design: Contains all necessary electronics within. Compatible with any indoor rowing machine. Connects to a VR headset via a Type-C connector.
Features a tension sensor to measure force and speed of rowing. Equipped with built-in batteries for power. Incorporates a heart rate monitor at the grips.
Offers Wi-Fi connectivity for downloading or streaming virtual rowing environments.

• VR Headset Integration: Provides an engaging rowing experience by simulating various virtual environments.
Allows users to row in virtual rivers or lakes.

User Interaction:
• Navigation through menus via a small thumb joystick located on each side of the handle grip. Option to participate in online tournaments.
Subscription-based model for access to premium content, including maps and VR skins for boats.

Content Creation and Sharing:
• Users can upload 360-degree footage of their rowing sessions in real-world locations.
Subscription revenue is shared with content creators based on the popularity of their uploaded content.

User Benefits
• Enhanced Engagement: Makes indoor rowing more entertaining by incorporating VR technology.

Customizable Experience:
• Users can choose their virtual environment, enhancing motivation and exercise enjoyment.

Community and Competition:
• Offers the opportunity to connect with others, participate in tournaments, and compete in a global setting.

Revenue Generation:
• Provides a platform for users to earn income by contributing unique rowing content filmed with 360-degree camera and uploaded to the system for editing by the team.

User Rewards and Incentives in VRow Tokens:
• As part of the user rewards system, participants who complete workouts and win online tournaments will earn VRow tokens, a specialized cryptocurrency.

Usage of VRow Tokens:
• Premium Content Access: Tokens can be used to unlock premium content within the platform, such as exclusive maps, VR skins for boats, and other special features.

Staking for Yield:
• Users have the option to stake their VRow tokens within the system.
This allows them to generate yield, adding an investment aspect to the fitness and gaming experience.

This innovative product aims to revolutionize indoor rowing workouts by integrating cutting-edge VR technology with a smartly designed handle.
It not only boosts the appeal of rowing exercises by adding a variety of virtual environments but also introduces a social and competitive element to indoor rowing.
Moreover, it opens up new avenues for users to create and monetize their content, fostering a vibrant community of rowing enthusiasts.

Join Us

Feel free to reach out if you believe you can be an asset to our team and bring any value to the project. 

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